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Color Terrae

Color Terrae is an iOS app to digitalize some of the main activities of the archaeologist: identification, analysis, classification and description of stratigraphic units following the Munsell color code. Its featured technology facilitates the onsite and offsite workflow of many experts. It uses an AI technology which comes into play with a color detection function: it is able to identify colors from photographs taken by the user, and to associate the photographed stratigraphic unit to a specific color code. Furthermore, it works as a notebook and as a photographic archive.

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Customized Farmland

Customized Farmland is an online-to-offline land leasing platform. It was designed to integrate the agricultural and human resources in rural China. It adopts a novel framework which consists of modules of land leasing, farming, rural touring, 5G broadcasting, online marketing, and online donations. It provides a new way to promote the development of agriculture for rural revitalization and opens new opportunities for agricultural investments from urban people.

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Users don't understand their online privacy risks and even if they are trying to, it is too complicated. The user needs to understand a lot of technical terms and know how to apply knowledge in digital life. And if they don't, it should not mean they will not be private. That's why designers have created Aloha, the browser that implements all the privacy techniques with a simple UI. It just works and keeps the user's privacy.

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Ziina is a new Middle East digital wallet. The product brings delight and allowing people to share joy and emotions with their friends. The app has a very minimal look, emphasizing the user's content and emotions that come with it. The team has adopted a layered information structure and navigation, allowing users to swipe any content from the screen and go back, allowing easy single-hand interactions. Traditional Middle Eastern patterns combined with bold typography and 3D illustrations give the app its unique Ziina look: local, homegrown yet very technological and modern.

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In a genre in which good design is an afterthought, we wanted Grafa to become known for making finance beautiful. Grafa's app design drew inspiration from Apple, which was able to distinguish itself for good design across its entire product suite. We used dark navy as the main app background, with light blue highlights which helps boost alertness, heighten reaction times and elevate moods. The app design needed to be clean, seamless and give the impression that no expense had been spared to produce the Grafa product.

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Sports Familyization

The original intention of this design is to make sports interesting, provide users with better exercise methods and help users form exercise habits. The application provides users with various sports tasks, can flexibly arrange users' exercise time, and provide users with exercise goals in the form of tasks. The purpose of family tasks is to let family members supervise each other and enhance each other's feelings. Through the task system, set reward tasks to encourage users to obtain good exercise results.

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