Entry Level Toaster:solido by Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Ozlem Kok

Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Ozlem Kok Shows The Solido Entry Level Toaster

Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Ozlem Kok, the lead designer of the displayed design Entry Level Toaster by Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Ozlem Kok says, Entry-level toasters today are bulky and coarse due to cost-efficiency issues. However, a stylish and eleg <Cropped>

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Fundamentals Range by Jennifer Whitty

Jennifer Whitty Creates The Fundamentals Range Reuse Clothing System

Jennifer Whitty, the project leader of the awarded work Award Winning Fundamentals Range Reuse Clothing system says, The Fundamentals remanufactured clothing range and accompanying wholly transparent system unlocks the latent qualities of undervalued <Cropped>

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Award Winning Meta Vessel Vase

Chubai Liu Shows The Meta Vessel Vase

Chubai Liu, the maker of the award winning work Award Winning Meta Vessel Vase points out, Meta Vessel is an experiment that lets users explore their innermost being through the interaction with the object. The asymmetric and alterable appearance is <Cropped>

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Elephant Design Pvt Ltd 's Daily Breads Packaging Design System

Elephant Design Pvt Ltd Exhibits The Daily Breads Packaging Design System

ELEPHANT DESIGN PVT LTD , the lead designer of the highlighted project Packaging design system by ELEPHANT DESIGN PVT LTD illustrates, We devised a way to weave the product window with the story we were telling on that pack. This enabled us to make e <Cropped>

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Residence by Pi-Lan Hsu

Pi-Lan Hsu Shares The Rooting in Prosperity Residence

Pi-Lan Hsu, the designer of the awarded work Residence by Pi-Lan Hsu explicates, The geometric lines of modern art and the composition of materials can emerge out the aesthetics of details, and let users read the spatial context in pure and peaceful <Cropped>

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Boun-Urbanscape Symbiosis

As Our Future Megacities Are Defining Themselves Every Day With Bustling Streets and Soaring Skyscrapers, a City Still Craves For Many Things But Mostly-an Identity. The 21st Century From Its Onset Is Rapidly Changing How We Live and How We Perceive The

As our future megacities are defining themselves every day with bustling streets and soaring skyscrapers, a city still craves for many things but mostly - an identity. the 21st century from its onset is rapidly changing how we live and how we perceiv <Cropped>

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1:2-Chair by Yahe Zhang

Yahe Zhang Illustrates The 1:2 Chair

Yahe Zhang, the creator of the awarded work chair by Yahe Zhang points out, The purpose of this design is to use one chair to meet people's needs at different stages. With the advantage of being detachable, children can use chairs with lowered l <Cropped>

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Stitching Gifts Diy by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Stitching Gifts Diy Card

The designer of the awarded project Award Winning Stitching Gifts DIY card explains, The number and location of the holes is arranged on the card and punched by the lacer according to the picture. The user just needs to stitch following the direction <Cropped>

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Award Winning Squadra Credenza

Valeriano Villegas Goyos Discloses The Squadra Credenza

Valeriano Villegas Goyos, the architect of the highlighted work Credenza by Valeriano Villegas Goyos spells out, Squadra is a three-section credenza, which is suitable for the living and dining rooms. Its purpose is to allow objects to be stored in <Cropped>

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Kitchen Flipper:escher by Mehrnoosh Mirzaei

Mehrnoosh Mirzaei Demonstrates The Escher Kitchen Flipper

Mehrnoosh Mirzaei, the thinktank behind the displayed project Escher - Kitchen flipper by Mehrnoosh Mirzaei spells out, The Escher flipper brings charm, simplicity and technology to daily cooking experience. Users not only are attracted by its fluid <Cropped>

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