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Blood Value

When people have surgery in the hospital, the doctor need a lot of blood. Faced with some special patients, you will find that the inventory is insufficient. You will waste a lot of time in finding a matching blood. This wasted time will miss the best treatment time for this patient. The supporter call on those healthy people to donate blood through legal channels. Every one want to build a qualified service platform. Allow fast lanes between hospitals. some people can help those who need help. At the same time, person can reduce many illegal activities such as buying and selling blood.

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Piggy Money Saving

This app is designed as a money management saving app for young people. For each user's different financial management capabilities, the app will make different financial savings plans for them. The Piggy App encourage users to manage and save money and achieve their personal savings goals. When the user downloads the app, during the registration process, the app will collect the user's necessary information, and set up a small deposit goal for the user to provide users with better services.

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Monica is an app designed for women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Based on artificial intelligence technology, Monica simulates the role of girlfriends, popularizes knowledge related to diseases for female patients, encourages patients with PCOS to face up to diseases, and guides patients to actively adjust themselves and pay attention to their endocrine system health. Monica calls on women to put down their psychological burden, get treatment and embrace a better life.

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Rare diseases (A kind of disease that few people suffer from) currently affect an estimated 300 million worldwide. Because of their rare condition, the patients can not get the same care and assistance as normal patients especially in some developing countries. This APP connects patients with rare diseases, medical research institutions, hospitals, doctors, charities, drug developers and others in the world to help patients with rare diseases recover and treat them. In the APP, patients with rare diseases can receive equal attention and care.

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Adoring is a dog social network app designed to connect dogs and dog owners around the world. The application was designed by students majoring in design at Zhejiang University, and they dedicated to help dog owners to socialize their dogs and encourage healthy lifestyles. Dog owners can use it to find friends for their dog, record the dog's growth, take the dog as the first perspective to chat with others, share dog ownership experiences, and so on.

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Kappa Jizo

This interactive picture book app teaches kids about being respectful of people with different backgrounds and the danger of bias. Children can listen to the audio recorded in English or Japanese and have fun with interactive characters and the coloring page. It is an educational and entertaining app with a warm touch of hand-drawn drawing and music. While the book shows the traditional Japanese culture, and Kappa, the folklore creature, known to humans as mischievous monsters, turned out to be just innocent creatures.

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