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Future Of The Digitally Literate Society

The mobile application enables a seamless omnichannel experience for library patrons. It is a fuss-free way for library users to find their next favourite book through status notifications, experiential wayfinding, personalised suggestions, and enhanced with a scan-to-borrow feature for quick checkout. The design is created to suit the needs of an increasingly connected and digitally literate society.

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Pure App is designed for plogging – a new eco-friendly trend that combines fitness and cleaning. It guides people with all the detail in plogging such as route, trash can location, distance, speed and energy. It tracks every picking of litters into points which allows people to easily compare and share with friends. In Pure, online team plogging is also supported to bring people together for group competition to stay motivated. Pure also includes features of Healthy Lifestyle with tasks and environmental quizzes and Eco-Mall for exploring green products.

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SberBank Online

SberBank Online app allows clients to get online almost all banking products of the largest Russian bank. Emotional and emphatic design of the app breaks the pattern of conventional banking. SberBank Online team believe that UE (User Emotions) is the new Must-Have for all digital product designs. There are postcards and stickers in the app to accompany money transfers and make them more emotional. When transactions take long, special animation screens entertain clients while the wait. Main and welcome screens are personalized depending on the location of the customer and time of the day.

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DeafUP triggers the importance of education and professional experience for the deaf community in Eastern Europe. They create an environment where hearing professionals and deaf students can meet and collaborate. Working together will be a natural way to empower and motivate deaf people to become more active, to raise their talents, to learn new skills, to make a difference.

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Joyster’s design and brand identity focuses on inspiring the user to live their healthiest lives. Human and lifestyle illustrations are seen throughout the app to incentivize users to participant in activities that help their overall well-being. The colors selected were intentionally picked for a wholesome, human, vibe. Lastly, Joyster is meant to be simple and effortless, so a clean and straight-forward aesthetic was also implemented.

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Blood Value

When people have surgery in the hospital, the doctor need a lot of blood. Faced with some special patients, you will find that the inventory is insufficient. You will waste a lot of time in finding a matching blood. This wasted time will miss the best treatment time for this patient. The supporter call on those healthy people to donate blood through legal channels. Every one want to build a qualified service platform. Allow fast lanes between hospitals. some people can help those who need help. At the same time, person can reduce many illegal activities such as buying and selling blood.

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