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Plant Planner

Plant Planner is a convenient app for people who want to take care of their plants or to plant a new plant and don't know how to do it. The app has information about plants with photos and descriptions and will notify you of when you should water the plant. It will also tell you the perfect time to plant a new plant. Design for the app was inspired by the nature and plants, so the color palette consists of different tone of green color.

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Science as an Emotional Trend

Designers would like to see their projects in Sberbank Online not only triggering emotions but also provoking thoughts and serving as the sources of knowledge. That's why in 2021 they created a series of welcome screens for Sberbank Online mobile app dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology in Russia (2021). The project includes materials on topics such as Undersea, Through the Microscope, and Neural Network. There is a history behind each of them but yet all of them have something in common.

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PortalDA iOSapp

Portal DA mobile application of the service, designed for the purchase and sale of collateral and non core assets. A universal platform with a user friendly design has been created for investors and sellers, taking into account all business needs. Implemented a convenient search directory, chat, ad placement form. Portal DA simplifies the complex process of purchasing large assets, on the one hand, by allowing clients to easily find and get detailed information on the necessary asset and, on the other hand, by providing related services.

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Belly Preg

Belly Preg is an application that tracks the physical change of a pregnant woman and monitors all stages of development of a baby. It contains relevant information from various specialists and allows users to understand the size of a baby by comparing it to visual objects. The application includes checklists for all pregnancy periods, as well as tools for monitoring weight, blood pressure, water intake, kicks, and contractions calculator.

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Foodie is a mobile app that aims to leverage the action of sharing personal preferences with one's social circle, which happens mostly in offline settings, to a digital platform. This transformation allows this information-sharing process to expand beyond limited scenarios so users can create content and access information whenever and wherever they need it. With Foodie, users can easily explore restaurants liked by their friends anytime, anywhere.

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Smart Charging

Electric vehicle users have power concerns due to imperfect supporting facilities and user experience. Baidu Map app provides matching trip experience services to help to relieve battery power anxiety as well as assure trips for users. Users can search and view the information of charging stations nearby in the app. The Map displays the panoramic pictures as well as the charging state of each charger. to help users quickly find chargers. It also provides users with the real time power information and charging station services when users travel.

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